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Tag files are not loaded on subsequent portlet re-deploys


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      Currently, portlets that are deployed and added to a Liferay page break if there is a use of tags in the portlet's JSP's. It seems if a portlet is bundled with tag files (LPP-23900), the portlet breaks when first added to a page. In a similar scenario, if a portlet's JSP's reference tag files from another portlet (LPP-23900), the portlet works on the first deployment. However, subsequent redeployments do not work unless the work folder is deleted .

      Steps To Reproduce if using a portlet that relies on the tag files of another portlet:
      1. Deploy TagFileTest.jar and TagFileUsageTest.jar by copying into the deploy folder
      2. Add both portlets to a page in Liferay. You should see everything working successfully
      3. Re-deploy TagFileUsageTest portlet (or refresh in Telnet)
      4. Go to the page. TagFileUsageTest should have broken with JSP compilation errors in the terminal

      Expected Results:
      Portlets with tags display on page without errors on redeployment

      Actual Results:
      Receive the following error:

      ERROR [http-nio-8080-exec-3][render_portlet_jsp:77] null
      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: PWC6033: Error in Javac compilation for JSP__PWC6197: An error occurred at line: 10 in the jsp file: /view.jsp_PWC6199: Generated servlet error:_package org.apache.jsp.tag.meta does not exist

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