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As a blogger I would like to always use the latest optimized resolutions for my blog images




      Adaptive Media generates optimized versions of the images according to the configuration defined by the portal administrator. The portal administrator defines a set of resolutions, so every time a new image is uploaded to a blog, Liferay will create a set of images with the specified resolutions.

      When a blogger creates a blog entry with images we will send the most appropriate image depending on the device. If the device is small, low resolutions images will be use. If a device is large, high resolutions images will be used.

      Right now, when a blogger selects a blog image for his blog entry, the available resolutions for that image will be recorded in the blog entry and will be used. However, if the portal administrator adds more image resolutions after the blog entry is published, those new resolutions won't be used when the blog entry is displayed.

      Steps to test:

      1. Enable adaptive media.
      2. Add a blog entry with a picture.
      3. Visualise the blog entry and verify the picture tag includes the default AM configuration.
      4. Add a new AM configuration.
      5. Visualise the blog entry again.

      Expected: The picture tag has been updated and contains now both the default and the new configuration.


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