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Deprecate the thumbnail functionality of the core in favor of Adaptive Media




      Liferay portal will create several image thumbnails for the images that are uploaded to Documents and Media based on the following properties defined in the portal.properties file:


      These functionality is way more limited that the Adaptive Media funcionality because of the following reasons:

      • It only supports adding a maximum of 3 thumbnails
      • In order to change the dimensions or add a new thumbnail, a server restart is required.
      • There's no good API that allows developer to obtain the appropriate image based on the width and height.
      • Those thumbnails are not used to server the best image in the content.

      The aim of this story is to deprecate this functionality in favor of Adaptive Media, providing an upgrade mechanism to administrators using these functionality to easily migrate to Adaptive Media.

      A draft of the documentation is available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ISFTKR77tIf56BnFuFGCvPT8y25JxqwYjUZxBfX9v-s

      Acceptance Criteria

      • New installations shouldn't use the Portal thumbnail functionality anymore. They should use Adaptive Media instead and they should have the same functionality that they had with the Portal thumbnails.
      • We should provide an upgrade mechanism that should offer the following options:
      • 1. Convert the legacy urls pointing to the Portal Thumbnail functionality to the new Adaptive Media URLs. We should offer this in a way that doesn't have a performance impact in the upgrade (maybe doing it in blocks of content, as an script that they can run, doing it legacy, etc...)
      • 2. Ensure that "old" urls pointing to Documents and Media thumbnails will work even when after they have been migrated to Adaptive Media.


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