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As a Portal Administrator I would like to have a predefined set of resolutions that I could easily use or adapt to my needs


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      In order to enable Adaptive Media, portal administrators needs to add some configuration to define what resolutions they would like to use to generate the respective image variants. They need to specify a maximum width and maximum height that the image will have.

      These dimensions may be different in different portal installations depending on what kind of users are accessing the portal, the devices that they tend to use, etc.

      It would be useful if, instead of forcing the administrator to specify the max. height and max. width, he could see a list of predefined dimensions that will help him to decide which values he might be more interested in.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • The administrator should be able to see a list with some references where he can see the dimensions (width and height) so he can do a better decision.
      • The dimensions chosen by the administrator shouldn't be final and he should be able to modify them, because they might not perfectly fit in his use case but they might be close enough.
      • The list of predefined dimensions will be the same for every portal instance.
      • Any user who can manage Adaptive Media Image configuration should be able to see the whole list of predefined dimensions (we don't filter that by permission).
      • The predefined list of dimensions can be modified by Portal Administrators to add, update or remove some additional dimensions if necessary.




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