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Error thrown when updating Blogs entry in asset publisher with workflow enabled



      When updating a Blogs entry through the asset publisher when workflow has been enabled for Blogs, an error is thrown. This is because the entry is no longer available to the asset publisher, but the standard asset publisher behavior is to redirect to the updated asset entry after an update.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add an asset publisher to the page
      2. go to site configuration/ workflow configuration and set "Single approver" to blogs entry
      3. Create a blog entry
      4. Go to Control panel /notifications and approve blog entry
      5. Go back to page and see the blog entry in the asset publisher.
      6. Click on blog entry title to see the content
      7. Click on edit link
      8. Change blog entry content and update it.
      Expected Result: The content is resubmitted for publication with no errors.
      Actual Results: The content is still submitted for publication., but an error occurs in the UI: "Your request failed to complete. The asset could not be found."

      Reproduced in master: 0fba37a7fedfe34d30f3754e7a538288b6288156
      Reproduced in ee-7.0.x: 6c97168cab2642fd032af84da2e11fd808493752


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