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Notifications links can have the wrong domain



      The links that are generated for the Notifications portlet are based on an entryURL that is set in the payload column of the UserNotificationEvent table in the database. Since this entryURL will always have a set domain, accessing the Notifications portlet from a different domain can cause the link that is generated to have the incorrect domain.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login to as the admin user.
      2. Create a second admin user.
      3. As the first admin user, subscribe to Web Content by navigating to [Site Name] > Content > Web Content > Information Icon () and click on the ☆ icon.
      4. Log into localhost:8080 as your second admin user.
      5. Add a Web Content.
      6. Refresh the page as your first admin user. You should have a notification, and you should still be on the domain
      7. Go to your Notifications ([User Name] > Notifications).
      8. Click on the link which says "[Second admin user] added a new web content article."

      Expected result: You are taken to the web content article and don't need to log in to see it because you are still on the domain
      Actual result: The URL you are taken to has a domain of localhost, so you need to log in to see the web content article.

      Reproduced in
      master? Yes, issue reproduced in master (04863e762e952ba29197900c775e597c19d13539)
      ee-7.0.x? Yes, issue reproduced in ee-7.0.x (afea8cefd3f4f2bf1e492ed7ffd4dd6a86c48937)




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