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Some tags are stripped from Kaleo Designer's Source tab and are not visible in View



      In Kaleo Designer, after adding a workflow in XML into Source mode, if we Save or change to the View mode, we see that the XML is stripped of its original data. Some clear examples of this are task timers for notifications, scripted recipients for recipients, and resource action for assignments.

      The only way to actually get Liferay to take the XML in its original state is to upload it into Workflow Definition. Considering that Liferay permits the uploading of an XML via Workflow Definition with all of the impacted nodes (e.g. task timers, resource action, and scripted recipients) and maintains it in its original state, I think that Liferay should still maintain the original source.

      Important Notes

      • Regarding task timers, the functionality is available in Liferay Developer Studio's workflow designer interface, but it is not available in DXP's OOTB Kaleo Designer UI.
      • Regarding scripted recipients, I created a bug report at LPS-70344 for an issue where in the UI scripted recipients does not exist (instead, we see "scripted assignments" under notifications). But in the Kaleo Workflow DTD, scripted recipients is listed as an actual usable field.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Set up clean DXP + DE-10 fix pack
      2. Sign in as [email protected]
      3. Go into Control Panel > Configuration > Kaleo Designer
      4. Create a new Workflow
      5. Give the new workflow a name
      6. Click the Source tab
      7. Copy the contents of the attached XML file, and paste it into Source – this contains a scripted-recipient sample.
      8. Change to View mode OR Save
      9. Go back to the newly created workflow's Source

      Actual Result
      Certain elements are stripped from the original workflow.

      Expected Result
      The XML should maintain its original state, just like it would if we directly upload an XML file to Workflow Definition.




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