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Given role visibility on expired Web Contents



      Considering the following scenario (there may also be many similar others) :

      1) Start current master, login as Administrator and place an Asset Publisher on the Welcome page
      2) Create 1 role called Intranet "Main Contributor" and assign the below permissions to it:

      Site Settings > Site: Go to Site Administration
      Web Content: Access in Site Administration
      Web Content > Web Content: Add Web Content
      Web Content > Web Content: View

      3) Create 2 users: editor1 and editor2, assign them to the Liferay site and give Main Contributor role to both
      4) Login as editor1 and add a Web content on the Welcome page through the Asset Publisher
      5) Edit the web content so that it will have these versions: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4. Also, assign View, Update, Expire permissions to Main Contributor role on that piece of Web Content
      6) Go to Admin > Site Administration, select the Web Content > View History and expire these versions: 1.0, 1.1, 1.4
      7) Observe the web content on the Asset Publisher: the version shown is 1.3 (latest approved)
      8) Observe The web content in the Site Administration: 1.4 (Expired) is shown
      9) Now, login as editor2 and check the web content on the Asset Publisher: it shows version 1.3
      10) Go to Admin > Site Administration > content:

      What happens: The version shown is still 1.3 and the only way to know that there is an expired version (1.4), is checking it on "View History"

      Currently the portal will give visibility on expired versions in Site Administration only if the role of the user is Content Reviewer: Administrator, Site Administrator or Owner, Portal/Site Content Reviewer from Kaleo Workflows.

      It would be advisable to have a way (even optional or configurable) to make the portal behaving more consistently between the pages and Site Administration, for example set preferences regarding the way web content versions are seen by users with given roles or have a way to know that the displayed web content has also expired versions. The final goal should be the UX improvement.

      Some other ideas:

      • ORANGE marker for "partial rev. expiry"
      • revision column
      • NOT LATEST indicator/column for AP




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