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Text in Resource Actions field is stripped from Kaleo Designer


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      In Kaleo Designer, we are able to set the Assignments and Notifications to "Resource Action" by way of a text box. If I add XML into the Source tab of an existing workflow which contains a resource-action field, it is stripped from the UI view.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Start up Liferay ee-7.0.x commit 2454aba240316410d0bef87656a1cc382a8ee1e1
      2. Sign in as [email protected]
      3. Go into Control Panel > Configuration > Kaleo Designer
      4. Add a new workflow definition
      5. Title the workflow definition
      6. Click on Source, and copy and paste the contents of the attached XML
      Notice the resource-action field containing the value UPDATE:


      7. Click on the View tab, then click the "review" node: Assignments > Double Click "Resource Actions"
      8. Assert that the field is blank
      9. Add the word UPDATE to the field
      10. Save, then click the Source tab
      11. Click the View tab afterwards
      12. Click the "review" node again > Assignments > Double click "Resource Actions"

      Actual Result
      The Resource Actions text box is blank, but the XML still contains UPDATE in resource-actions

      Expected Result
      If the XML contains UPDATE in resource-actions, it should be reflected in the text box whether I switch between the two.


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