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Until next major version ranges cause fix pack and hotfix builds to fail



      Gradle can potentially choose to download the latest version from the artifact repository that matches the version range.

      If we publish an artifact from master, builds based on release tags (such as fix packs and hotfix builds) and branches (such as ee-7.0.x) will begin failing because the individual modules will reference the packageinfo files from the artifact published from the latest master when building the Import-Package sections of their manifests.

      However, since the actual server will export the packageinfo versions for the release (which can be lower than the ones in master), many modules will fail to start because their dependencies failed to be satisfied.

      Why is this a bug?

      In ee-7.0.x, we should be building against the release artifact we are creating at the time (default), not against published artifacts that can potentially come from the future. This way, rebuilding a specific tag two months from now should give us the same result, not something with entirely different manifests and the potential to not startup.

      Additionally, because hotfix builds may end up modifying a packageinfo at build time (and thus the new packageinfo is incorporated into the snapshot we'd compile against), but will not update it in system.packages.extra.mf, we need to be defensive against all packages and thus add the package version range for any that are used by the module.


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