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Attempting to select category in Basic Document as site member results in VIEW permission error



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Setup DXP and install Fix Pack 10
      2. Add a Document and Media portlet to Liferay homepage
      3. Add a Vocabulary (name: News) and Category (name: World)
      4. Add a new user, and add to Liferay site as site member
      5. Login as the new user
      6. On the Liferay Welcome page, add a document through Document and Media portlet (+ > Basic Document)
      7. In the Basic Document Upload window, click Categorization
      8. Under the Vocabulary "News", click Choose

      Actual behavior
      The category is not displayed, and the following error is thrown:

      06:28:24,230 ERROR [http-nio-8080-exec-4][JSONWebServiceServiceAction:97] User 30611 must have VIEW permission for com.liferay.portal.kernel.model.Group 20143

      Expected behavior
      The category is displayed. Able to set the category to a document.

      Reproduced in
      DXP + DE-10


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