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Asset Publisher Content Display Page should change to Asset Display Page



      Right now web content includes a "Display Page" attribute that, when combined with AP, allows for a link in a "View In Context" AP to go to a designated page with a default AP to render the web content.

      This attribute is only for web content, but it should be reworked from the web content's Content Display Page concept into a generalized Asset Display Page.

      The idea here is that the various asset types need the display page concept, not just the web content.

      For clients that create custom assets, this would allow a particular asset to redirect to a customized display page based on the asset.

      Consider an entity for a school called a Course which has been developed as an Asset (so it has ratings, tags and categories). A portal page with an AssetPublisher and a corresponding ADT can display Course entities and, with the "View in Context" enabled, the asset entry link can go to a display page for the Course entities which includes the default Asset Publisher along with other portlets on the page to provide a complete experience for the user.

      The AssetDisplayPage would be assigned to the asset, not the web content, so assets have control over the display page they point to; different types of assets can point to different display pages.




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