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Changes to site based on site template are merged on every page load



      If a site template and a site based on it are both modified, then changes are merged every time the site's pages are loaded. This results in the site pages being perpetually extremely slow to load.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a site template with one page, and place a hello world portlet on the page.
      2. Create a new site, and select the site template to create the site's public pages from, with propagation enabled.
      3. Go to the site and verify it is identical to the site template.
      4. In the site, move the hello world portlet to a different column.
      5. Go to the site template, and after a few seconds also move the hello world portlet to a different column.
      6. Go back to the site and refresh the page one or more times.

      Actual results: All successive site page loads are slow (around a minute or more). The merge of site and site template are repeated every page load (this part is not observable in the UI).
      Expected results: the first site page load may be slow because of merging, but further loads or refreshes should be much faster. The merge should only be performed once unless more changes from the site template need to be merged (this part is not observable in the UI).

      Note: the speed of the merge itself may also be an issue; the merging process includes many portlets (including admin portlets) that probably should not be merged after the site has been modified. However, that is a separate issue and should be handled via a separate LPS.

      Reproduced in master: 3ac2d4182b99ea40ec074c63cea39d119463e191
      Reproduced in ee-7.0.x: 487d78bab4b1067bfa8c31a248588fc4f21a0074


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