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As a Portal Administrators I want to manually specify an identifier for my adaptive media configuration so that it can be easily used by third parties




      Each of the Adaptive Media Images Configuration has a unique identifier that is used to link the generated images to their specific configuration. Right now, this unique identifier is automatically generated and it's not displayed in the User Interface at all.

      This behaviour or having a "transparent" configuration identifier is good as long as we are only using adaptive media in the portal, because we don't need to use that id. However, if we are also using Adaptive Media for other use cases, such as Mobile Apps or Third Party apps, they might ask the Portal Administrator to create an adaptive media image configuration with a certain specific id that they will use in their third party apps.

      Then, we should allow advanced Portal Administrators to manually specify an identifier if they want to (it shouldn't be mandatory).

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Configuration identifiers are not required. Portal Administrators should be able to create new configurations without providing an identifier.
      • Portal Administrators should be able to provide an identifier when creating a new configuration if they want to.
      • The configuration id must be unique amongst every other configuration (no matter if it's enabled or disabled)

      Use cases

      Main Scenario: A portal admin wants to specify an ID for a new Image Resolution.

      1. Add an Image Resolution
      2. Populate name and dimensions fields
      3. Select Custom ID
      4. Type and ID
      5. Save Image Resolution

      Expected: The Image Resolution was created successfully because there wasn't any Image Resolution with the same ID or Name.

      User Experience


      1. ID Checkbox Group added
      2. Primary Key input added



      Image Resolution Detail

      • ID Field has a checkbox group with two options: "Automatic" and "Custom".
      • ID Field has also an Input Box labeled Primary Key.

      Checkbox Group

      • Automatic radio button is checked by default.
      • If Automatic radio button is checked, the Primary Key field must be updated while a user is typing the Name field.
      • If Automatic radio button is unchecked and a user checks it, Primary Key field field must be updated with the content of the Name field instead of the manual Primary Key typed.
      • Given the next scenario:
        1. The User selects "Custom".
        2. Types a ID in the input box.
        3. Selects "Automatic".
        4. Selects "Custom" again.

      The User should see the ID typed in step 2. That is, the UI will remember the custom value provided by the user even if the Automatic option is temporarily selected in the meantime.

      Automatic helper

      • Tooltip: "The ID will be based on name field"


      • Name and Primary Key must be unique in the platform.
      • Primary Key must be always populated.
      • Primary Key accepts a-z characters (lower case) and numbers without spaces ("-" and "_" are allowed)

      Interactive prototype

      URL: http://k4h3wr.axshare.com/


      Image Resolution with optimized-images

      Image Resolution without optimized-images


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