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Scheduled publishing is using language configuration of default instance for all existing instances



      This bug is similar to LPS-66509, we are not setting CompanyThreadLocal in scheduled publishing java thread

      Scheduled publishing is using language configuration of default instances for all existing instances.

      As there are some indexed fields that are localized, sometimes we are storing unnecessary data and other times we are skipping necessary languages.

      For example:

      1. default instance: en_US, en_GB, es_ES
      2. second instance: es_ES
      3. third instance: de_DE

      In all cases we will index the fields only for "en_US, en_GB, es_ES" so:

      • second instance will have unnecessary "en_US, en_GB" languages stored
      • third instance won't have "de_DE" indexed (and the other languages will be unnecessary indexed)

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Configure two instances:
        • default one with several languages (for example: en_US, ca_ES, es_ES)
        • second one with only one language (for example: es_ES)
      2. language configuration of each instance is modified login into the instance and going to: Control Panel => Configuration => Instance Settings => Miscellaneous
      3. Login in second instance and execute following steps only in that instance:
      4. Create a DDM structure in second instance
      5. Create a web content and publish immediately
      6. Create a second web content and schedule to be published in two minutes
      7. Wait until second web content is published (process is executed in 15 minutes interval, so can take some time)
      8. Check the indexed data of second instance in Elasticsearch (Lucene in 6.2):
        • Wrong behavior: first JournalArticle is is fine but second one has fields with the locales of first instance
        • Expected behavior: both JournalArticle objects only stores "es_ES" fields


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