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Throughput issues due to the increased number of search write requests after LPS-65978



      There are throughput issues in both search engine and Liferay installation after installing LPS-65978 solution

      That LPS increases reindexation requests to elasticsearch/solr/lucene

      CPU consumption is also increased: all the Indexer "doReindex" logic is executed but only one field is modified (ratings, viewCount, etc...) so a lot of unnecessary database queries and calculations are done.

      Solution Notes

      Changes introduced in the fix for LPS-65978 (affecting when fields 'ratings' and 'viewCount' get updated in the search index) have been reverted. In addition, these fields will no longer be indexed in the BaseIndexer class for AssetEntry objects as of the next Liferay version.

      Why was this change made?

      Keeping the Ratings and View Count options in the search index in sync with the database has a negative impact on normal operations due to the significantly increased number of index Write requests causing throughput issues and, therefore, performance degradation.

      In addition, the view count is not always up-to-date in the database. This behavior is controlled by the Buffered Increment mechanism. You can find more information about this in the portal.properties file.


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