Any reference to the Kaleo Forms portlet is converted to the com.liferay.portal.workflow.kaleo.forms.service bundle during the migration from 6.x to 7.0, including the row in the Release_ table. However, no row for the new com.liferay.portal.workflow.forms.web bundle is added to the Release_ table. Once its upgrade process starts, it considers that there were no corresponding module to be upgraded and the release row should be created instqad, which is false.

      The problem is, many references to Kaleo Forms portlet can be found in layout settings/portlet preferences in the form 1_WAR_kaleoformsportlet. There is an upgrade process that converts them to the com.liferay.portal.workflow.forms.web bundle references (LPS-65628). However, since no release of com.liferay.portal.workflow.forms.web exists in the database, the upgrade tool thinks it should create a new one and so does not execute any upgrade process. To solve that, we should ensure that a row representing com.liferay.portal.workflow.forms.web will be available in the Release table before upgrade processes are executed_. This is easily done by appending to the UpgradeModules._BUNDLE_SYMBOLIC_NAMES array.




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