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Portlet permissions are not imported from LAR, even though the exported LAR had the Export Permissions option toggled



      Liferay's portlet configuration export functionality allows for an Export Permissions toggle. The problem is that when we configure a portlet's permissions, export the portlet configuration with Export Permissions toggled to YES, when we import the LAR file into a new site, the permissions from the original portlet are not transferred.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Start up a new Liferay environment
      2. Sign in as test@liferay.com
      3. On the top of the Welcome page, locate the Search portlet, and click on the hamburger menu > Go into Permissions
      4. In the Permissions panel, grant View permissions for all of the OOTB roles, then Save.
      5. Back in the Search portlet's hamburger menu > click on Export / Import
      6. Ensure that under Application "Configuration" is selected, and under "Permissions" Export Permissions is set to YES
      7. Export
      8. Save the LAR file
      9. Create a new Site (Control Panel > Sites > Sites > Add Blank site)
      10. Add a new public page to the newly created site, then go to the newly created public page
      11. Identify the Search portlet on the new page in the top right hand corner > Hamburger icon > Export / Import
      12. Click on the Import tab
      13. Drop in the LAR file saved from the old site, wait until it finishes uploading, then click Continue > Using the default settings but under "Permissions" set "Import Permissions" to YES > click Import
      14. After the import completes, click on the hamburger icon > Permissions and check to see if all of the roles' view permissions have been preserved from the import

      Actual Result
      Even though the portlet data export was configured to export permissions, the default permissions are set on the new site's portlet. This means that the permissions were not properly exported or imported.

      Expected Result
      The permissions on the new site's portlet should reflect the previous site's portlet permissions.

      Reproduced In
      DXP + DE-11
      ee-7.0.x 183bf74a64660f168a8347c69bde4557c2b73563
      master a5b0c2624babe0033ad4fb03961d576b0b1ef684


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