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Localizable Field Doesn't work for Document Type Metadata Fields


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      Setting the localizable field for a main metadata field in a Document Type to no does not produce the desired effect.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set locales.enabled in portal-ext.properties to en_US,fr_FR
      2. Start up the server and navigate to Documents and Media
      3. Click on the three vertical dots and select Document Types
      4. Create a new Document Type
      5. In the Document Type creation form, create a Main Metadata field and add a text box
      6. Double click on the text box and set Localizable to No and the Field Label to en_US
      7. Click Add Translation and select French
      8. While the French Translation is highlighted, change the field label to fr_FR
      9. Publish the Document Type
      10. Create a Document using your new document type and check the form when the URL's language is set to French and English

      Expected Result: No matter what the language is set to, the field label should be en_US (the default language's label)

      Actual Result: The field label gets localized




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