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Copying an existing approved article will bypass the workflow and be automatically approved



      When copying a Web Content article that has been approved through the workflow, it is copied with Approved status and bypasses the approval process.

      When we copy a Web Content article that is subject to the workflow process and has not yet been approved, it is in the Pending status. However, when we copy it, it is copied with Draft status.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start DXP + FP11
      2. Sign In with test@liferay.com
      3. Go into Liferay DXP site > Content > Web Content
      4. In the Web Content panel, click on to open info sidebar > click on ⋮ > Edit
      5. Select Single Approver (Version 1) to Default Workflow for All Structures, and Save it
      6. Add a new user User1
      7. Add the user to Site Memberships of Liferay DXP site, and assign "Site Owner" site role to it
      8. In a separate browser sign in with User1
      9. As User1, go into Web Content panel of Liferay DXP site
      10. Click on the button to Add a Basic Web Content > create an article called EXAMPLE, and click Submit for Publication
        > Note that the web content article EXAMPLE is created with Pending status
      11. In the browser where we are signed in with test@liferay.com, approve the EXAMPLE article created by User1
      12. In the browser where we are signed in with User1 go into Liferay DXP site > Content > Web Content
      13. Locate the EXAMPLE article, then click on the hamburger menu next to it (⋮), then Copy the web content

      Actual result
      The content is copied as Approved content. Looks like bypass the approval process.

      Expected result
      The content should be copied as Draft or Pending status because it need to through the approval process. The copied content should enter a workflow administrator's task queue as a new article.

      Reproduced in
      DXP + FP11
      ee-7.0.x (62986c0b62b29c09738c1e5f20a8a29ad79e4b85)
      master (33def4dcab6cb387d1110b93cd703a5e4cc2c941)

      I found LPS-35186 and it fixes the issue for 6.1.x but does not fix dxp. So I'm creating this LPP for DXP.


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