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UI does not recognize calendar event as part of a recurring series if it was a single instance that was modified



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start up Liferay.
      2. Log in with admin account.
      3. Change your user's time zone to "America/Los_Angeles."
        • In the Left panel, go into My Account > Account Settings.
        • Then go into Miscellaneus > Display Settings.
        • Choose "Standard Pacific Time." Save.
      4. Add calendar to a page. Go to week view.
      5. Create an event in the user calendar that:
        • Starts at Sunday, 8 PM.
        • Repeats every day.
      6. Close the full edit window.
      7. Select Tuesday instance and change the title of it. When it asks about the scope of the changes in the context of the recurring event, select "Single Event".
      8. Drag the Monday instance to 9 PM.
      9. Choose "Following instances."

      Expected behavior: The series of events is updated to 9 PM.
      Actual behavior: The single event didn't recognized as part of a recurring series. A new event is created under Tuesday which is treated as part of a recurring series.


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