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As a Blogger I want my images to display with very high quality in High Resolution Displays




      Nowadays devices have really good screens with very high resolution. The aim of this story is to take advantage of the screen device so Adaptive Media delivers the best image according to the high resolution device capabilities. If the Resolution is very high we will send an image with more pixes in the same size, so it will look better in those devices. If the device doesn't support high resolution images, we will send a regular image optimized for the the screen size.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • High Resolution Screen devices should use high resolution images according to the web browser standard media queries.
      • Devices without high resolution screens will receive an image optimized for the screen size with a regular resolution.
      • Portal Administrators should be able to create high resolution images easily from the Adaptive Media application.
      • High Image Resolutions should be independent and not related at all regarding the Regular Image Resolution. This means that High Resolution can be enabled/disabled/updated independently of the regular image resolution they are associated to.

      Use cases

      Main Scenario: A user wants to support images for high-density displays

      1. Click Plus button
      2. Populate form
      3. Click add a resolution for high-density displays
      4. Save form

      Expected: two image resolutions are created (one is twice size bigger than the other)

      User Experience


      1. Add a new checkbox labeled "Add a resolution for high-density displays (2x)"



      New Image Resolution

      • When a user clicks on high-density checkbox and saves the form, an additional resolution with twice size of the values populated will be created.
      • The additional image resolution for high-density displays is created with the suffix "-2x"

      Edit Image Resolution

      • The checkbox does not appear because it's only an option when the user is creating a new resolution.

      Interactive prototype

      URL: http://ub8zi7.axshare.com





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