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GroupFriendlyURL not appended to the domain for Control Panel links when Private Pages has a custom URL



      If you set up private pages to have a custom URL, and you access Liferay via that URL, the Control Panel links are calculated incorrectly, making it impossible to access the Control Panel via the UI. This happens because the Control Panel layout is considered a private layout, so Liferay mistakenly believes that it does not need to append the group friendly URL since that information is already contained within the custom Private Pages URL.

      Steps to reproduce/Testing done

      1. Setup a reverse proxy (with SSL) to point to Liferay
      2. Configure Liferay with teh following properties to allow it work as expected (with SSL)
      3. Install de-10 fixpack
      4. Setup a hosts file entry pointing to the reverse proxy with 2 domains (like www.me.com and www.you.com)
      5. Start Liferay and login as admin
      6. Go to Menu > Liferay DXP > Navigation > Public Pages
      7. Add a new private page of any name
      8. Go to Menu > Liferay DXP > Configuration > Site Settings
      9. Under Site URL, configure a new friendly URL ('/customer') and assign the domain from the hosts file to your Private Pages (www.me.com), set the Public Pages to the other domain (www.you.com)
      10. Go to www.me.com and login as admin
      11. Go to Menu > Liferay DXP > Configuration > Site Settings
      12. Notice that it redirects to the Liferay welcome page and that the URL is malformed as

        instead of


        much like LPS-69369

      Accessing the Site Settings with www.you.com(The public page URL) continues to work as expected.

      Results of Testing
      Expected behavior: It is possible to access the Site Settings via the UI when using a custom private page url
      Actual behavior: It is not possible to access the Site Settings via the UI when using a custom private page url


      01:29:23,287 WARN  [http-nio-8080-exec-3][code_jsp:181] {code="404", msg="/~/control_panel/manage/-/site/settings", uri=/~/control_panel/manage/-/site/settings}

      Reproduced in master? Yes (2f03d498ece75a4729e99d972029f06780245b31)
      Reproduced in 7.0.x? Yes (b3c98cc89aa1140bb07ba9463b0fab7555d1e826) 




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