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If app scopes are configured, and "View Site Administration Menu" is enabled in the User role permission, Default Scope dropdown is displayed



      For a regular Site Member user, Default Scope is displayed in the Product Menu under the Go to Site link

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Start up master.
      2. Sign in as test@liferay.com
      3. On the Liferay DXP site add a Web Content Display portlet to the Welcome page's layout
      4. Enter the WCD portlet's Configuration > Scope > Scope Dropdown: Welcome (Create New)
      5. Save the settings
      6. On the Product Menu, click Liferay DXP (site) > Content, and assert that Default Scope is displayed.
      7. Go into Users > Roles > Regular Roles > User > Click the tricolon/options button > Define Permissions
      8. In Define Permissions for User, in the tree go to Site Administration > Configuration > Site Settings
      9. Find the permission called View Site Administration Menu, and add it to the role, then save
      10. Create a new user, and grant the user Site Membership in Liferay DXP site
      11. Sign in as the new user
      12. While you are in the Liferay DXP site, Click the Product Menu

      Actual results
      Assert that with the "View Site Administration Menu" permission, all users (despite their role) has the ability to see Default Scope in the product menu. And the error printed. (NPE thrown)

      Expected results
      Default Scope is not displayed, since it should be nested under "Content", and "Content" should only be visible if user has permissions to view.




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