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Look and Feel's custom title does not work when Application Decorators is previous configured as Barebone



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Start a new environment
      2. Sign in as test@liferay.com
      3. In the Search portlet, click the hamburger icon > Look and Feel
      4. In Look and Feel > General, toggle ON Use Custom Title, and set a custom title of "FIND IT"
      5. Save
        (x)Actual Results
        Search portlet should have a custom title of "FIND IT", but the title is not reflecting the change.
        (/)Expected Results
        Search portlet should take on the custom title after setting it. Also, if we go back into the Look and Feel setting, we will notice that the "Use Custom Title" is toggled on, but the custom title is reverted back to "Search"

      This is happening with any portlet when it has Application Decorators previous configured as Barebone. It will stop happening if you change Application Decorators to other value and refresh the page.


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