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Solr - No search results are found when a custom field's name contains a space



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Configure a vanilla 6.2 portal (on fixpack-118) with Solr 4.10.2 server,
      using the latest Solr 4 Plugin (plugin solr4-web-
      2. Login as admin user
      3. Go to Admin - > Control Panel -> Configuration -> Custom Fields
      4. Create two custom fields (type "Text Field - Indexed") in user section
      with keys named as "PersonNumber" and "Person Number"
      5. Now Go to -> Control Panel -> Users section
      6. Click on any user and update both custom field value
      7. In the built-in search of User section:
      1) Search by the value introduced in field "PersonNumber" --> the user is listed as expected
      2) Search by the value introduced in field "Person Number"

      Expected results: the user is listed
      Actual results: the user is not listed; "No users were found" message on the UI; Solr hits 0.

      NOTE: This issue in master was resolved by LPS-69574




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