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Checkout/checkin of a new version of a document doesn't correctly update the assets modification date



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new page and give it a 2 column layout
      2. Add an Asset Publisher portlet to the left column
      3. Add a Documents and Media portlet to the right column
      4. Open the Display Settings tab of the Asset Publisher portlet configuration and add the display template below and configure it to use it:

      	<#list entries as entry>
      		<#assign entry = entry />
      		<#assign dateFormat = "M/d/y, h':'mm a" />
      		<li>${entry.getTitle()} - ${dateUtil.getDate(entry.getModifiedDate(), dateFormat, locale, timeZone)}</li>

      5. In the same configuration tab, in the Show Metadata section, you also need to move the Modified Date to the left column and then save the configuration
      6. In the Documents and Media portlet you now need to add a new document (I used basic)
      7. Click on the document you just added to open its detail view
      8. You can now see that the modified date shown in the Asset Publisher and the one in the top right of the document preview are the same
      9. Wait a couple of minutes (to make the modified date difference better visible) and click on "Checkout" and then "Edit"
      10. Select whatever different document and upload it and click on "Save and Checkin"

      Result: Now you'll see that the date shown in the Asset Publisher and in the Documents and Media portlet are different and that the one in the Asset Publisher is still the initial date.

      Note: If you don't use "Checkout" and "Save and Checkin", but just Edit and Save, the modified date is updated correctly for the asset of the document.


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