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Linked Pages Link Incorrectly After Remote Live Publish



      This ticket is an issue on master too, but given the amount of code the master part has been handled in a user story. Please check the linked LPS-72176

      The child pages of one link page are no longer correctly linked after publishing to Remote Live site.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Startup two separate instances of Liferay
      2. On the first instance, add one or two public pages (e.g., p0, p1, ...)
      3. Add a child page to the public page(s)
      4. Add another public page (not a child page), then another child page to every top-level page (note: the important part is to create these pages in a different order from how they will be imported into a remote site)
      5. For each top-level page, navigate to the page configuration, set the page type to "Link to a Page of This Site," and link it to the site's 1st child page
      6. Setup Remote Live Staging using the second instance's Liferay site as the Live site
      7. Attempt to publish to live

      Expected results: the publish is successful, and all links on the live site work correctly and point to the same pages as on the staging site
      Actual results: the publish is successful, but the links all point to the wrong sites

      Reproduced on master: 88e5e8accc95d2527ea91b3d3e8cd762835e79bc
      Reproduced on ee-7.0.x: b58e958f0b178988f20f64c67df59376a4245c8a


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