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Notifications are not sent when creating web contents, while users are subscribed to the home folder of Content --> Web content.



      Reproduction Steps:

      0.) Use a 6.2 vanilla bundle, deploy the latest Notifications EE portlet to it.
      1.) Use a fakeSMTP and activate this in the Server Administration.
      2.) As admin create a new site and a new user X.
      3.) Assign the user X to the Site Administrator Role.
      4.) As user X go to the Content --> Web Content section and subscribe to the Home folder.
      5.) Assure that the Notification Delivery for Web Content "adds a new web content in a folder you are subscribed to. " and "updates a web content you are subscribed to. " are checked. You should find these details in the settings section of the Notification portlet.
      6.) As your admin login and add a basic web content in the site.
      7.) When the article is created login with user X.

      Result: See the logs or check fakeSMTP - a mail is created.

      Expected result: A notifications should be visible for user X as well.

      On master/DXP the articleURL is used as the Journal Article's entryURL.
      We could use that approach on 6.2. too. However, the notification system for website notifications and emails are unified on master/DXP, so we need a distinct solution for 6.2.x.


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