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Knowledge base display portlet has misleading labels in configuration



      Reproduce steps:
      1. Deploy a knowledge base display portlet
      2. Click portlet configuration — You'll see "Article or Folder"
      3. Click select, a new window pops up — You'll see "Select Entry"

      I believe it should be changed back to something similar to what it was in 6.2(Select Parent), to make it clear what the configuration is for.

      Reasoning: This configuration is, I believe, used to select a folder or an article to be a parent resource so that the display portlet will display its children articles only. For example, if choosing a folder as the parent resource, you will only see articles inside this folder gets displayed, but articles at same level of the configured folder will not be displayed. Similarly, an article can have children articles, so once an article is configured then its children articles should be displayed.

      Currently it makes user think it is to choose a default article to be displayed, but then it is inconsistent with folder's behavior.
      If there is a need to make an article to be a default displaying article, then I say there should be a separate configuration for it, rather than having both functionality at the same place.

      Edit: another evidence is: https://github.com/liferay/liferay-portal/blob/master/modules/apps/knowledge-base/knowledge-base-web/src/main/java/com/liferay/knowledge/base/web/internal/portlet/DisplayPortlet.java#L365
      Here it extracts the configured resource(folder or article) from portlet configuration by its resourceId, and use it as a parent resource.

      I believe the naming is bit confusing, the configured folder or article is considered as parent resource conceptually, but if taking a look at kbarticle DB table, you can see there is another thing called parent resource, which is a relation of a parent article and children articles(ie you can add child article for an article).


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