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Counting error in Campaign Content Display


    Steps of reproduction:

    1. Create a blank site called testsite and add a public page called testpage.
    2. Go to Content > Documents and Media, add a basic document called testFile.
    3. Go to Configuration > Audience Targeting.
    4. Create a user segment and a campaign associated to the user segment.
    5. Add a Campaign Content Display portlet to testpage.
    6. Configure the app to display testFile for the campaign created in step4.
    7. Click the button "Go to other site", then choose testsite. Do this action once more.
    8. Go to Configuration > Audience Targeting > Campaigns, click the campaign created in step4. Click Reports tab, then update report for Content Views.
    9. Click Content Views, observe the count number.

    Actual Result:
    The count number is 6. If update the report after every view action, then the number will be 4.

    Expected Result:
    The count number should be 4.

    Reproduced on:
    Tomcat 8.0.32 + MySQL 5.6. Portal 7.0 DXP GA1 + FP12.


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