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Users receive incorrect Form Site link in email notification



      Steps to Reproduce (Using Mock Mock)

      1. Run ant -f build-test.xml start-test-smtp-server
      2. Deploy mock mock jar
      3. Add a new site called "Site A"
      4. Add a new User "User A"
      5. Add User to "Site A"
      6. Assign User A "Site Admin" Role for Site A
      7. Login as User A
      8. Navigate to Site A
      9. Add a Form with a Text field
      10. Add email Notifications to the Form
        1. Assign "From" and "To" address to test@liferay.com
      11. Publish Form
      12. Go to Publish URL
      13. Submit a Text entry
      14. Go to email (http://localhost:8282)
      15. Click into email
      16. View HTML body format
      17. Click on link to access the form

      Expected Result
      It should say that the User submitted an entry in the "Site A site." The User should be able to successfully view the form after clicking the link.

      Actual Result
      It says that the User submitted an entry in the "Forms Site." After clicking the link to access the Form, the User is navigated to a blank page with the error message: You do not have the roles required to access this portlet.

      Reproduced on
      Tomcat 8.0 + PostgreSQL 9.4
      Portal master GIT ID b8652958cf31daad29a07c51da638e789973b769


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