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Notifications portlet makes pages cache useless



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. In Firefox, startup 6.2.x version and open firebug, Network tab.
      2. Open default Liferay page. Be sure to NOT be logged in.
      3. Check the http status code for /home HTTP GET request. It should be 200.
      4. Refresh same page with F5. Now you should see that request returns HTTP 304 status (not modified).
      5. Now deploy notifications-portlet.
      6. Refresh page. As we deployed portlet we should see HTTP status 200 again.
      7. Refresh page again. Check now the http status code for /home HTTP GET request.

      Expected behavior: as page is cached and we already made a request, it should return HTTP 304 status.
      Actual behavior: it returns HTTP 200, making it NOT cached in browser and hence causing network latency as it should get resources again.


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