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URLs can get too long (more than 2000 characters) with Search Portlet



      Master Fully fixed by LPS-69689. See further in the comments on this ticket.
      70x Partially fixed by LPS-70118.

      Liferay Portal URL can easily get longer than 2000 characters. Some browsers and load balancers cannot handle such long URL, causing errors on the page because it is either blocked or truncated.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Add a document to Documents and Media (name it foo, for example)
      2. Change search portlet configuration and disable "view in context" option
      3. Search for foo using the theme-embedded search portlet (in a site page)
      4. Click on search button again
      5. Click to see the document foo (do not download)

      h3. Expected result
      The URL used to see the document will be of reasonable size

      h3. Current result
      The URL used to see the document will be of more than 4000 characters and the application server may refuse to fulfill the request.


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