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Web Content portlet gives unimplemented option for "Mirror with Overwriting" when importing data



      When importing a LAR for the Web Content portlet, the option is given for "Mirror with Overwriting," but there is no difference between selecting this option and selecting the normal "Mirror" option. There is no code implementation for the "Mirror with Overwriting" strategy for Web Content.

      Since such an import strategy is not implemented, it should not be presented as an option.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. One a Liferay instance, create a few Web Content articles
      2. Export a LAR of the Web Content from Content administration
      3. Switch to a second Liferay instance, and create a few Web Content articles, giving at least one article the same name as in the first instance
      4. Start an Import process using the Web Content LAR created previously
      5. In the configuration for the Import process, check the "Update Data" section
      6. (optional) Try importing the LAR once with the "Mirror" strategy selected, and once with the "Mirror with Overwriting" strategy selected, and compare the behaviors (they have the same effect)

      Expected result: the "Mirror with Overwriting" strategy cannot be selected since the "Mirror with Overwriting" strategy has no implementation in the code (using it would have the same effect as "Mirror")
      Actual result: the "Mirror with Overwriting" strategy can be selected, and it does not change the behavior from the default "Mirror" strategy

      Note: support for disabling the option for this strategy based on the PortletDataHandler was added in LPS-71050.

      Reproduced in master: c57897f37e84f27374fa15d1e8fdeaa725ee179c
      Reproduced in ee-7.0.x: c152357feebda29834a079f34e60dbdf079baa12


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