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Content created in a child organization is not possible to be approved or reject by a parent organization reviewer



      Reviewers of a parent organization should be able to review content produced on a child organization. Right now, it is not possible.

      Steps to reproduce

      Setting up users and organizations
      1. Create an organization called "Parent Organization"
      2. Create an organization called "Child Organization" that
        • has "Parent Organization" as its parent; and
        • has a site.
      3. Create an user with screen name "parent.org.user".
        • Make "parent.org.user" member of "Parent Organization."
        • Give "parent.org.user" the role "Organization Content Reviewer" under "Parent Organization."
        • Set a password for "parent.org.user"
      4. Create an user with screen name "child.org.user".
        • Make it member of "Child Organization"
        • Give "child.org.user" the role "Organization Administrator" under "Child Organization"
        • Set a password for "child.org.user"
      Setting up workflow
      1. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Workflow Definition.
      2. Click in the "+" FAB.
      3. Give a title to the new Workflow Definition (we will use the rather verbose "Parent Organization Reviewer should review Child Organization Content" title here.)
      4. Select the attached file parent-org-reviewer-should-review-child-org-content_FIXED.xml as the workflow definition.
      5. Click in "Save."
      6. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Workflow Configuration.
      7. In the "Blogs Entry" row, click in the kebab menu and then click in "Edit."
      8. Select the workflow definition we created just before.
      9. Click in "Save."
      Running the workflow process
      1. Log in with "child.org.user"
      2. Go to the "Child Organization" site.
      3. In the left menu, go to "Child Organization" > Content > Blogs.
      4. Click in the "+" FAB.
      5. Give the entry a title (e.g. "test post").
      6. Add some content to the blog entry.
      7. Submit the blog entry for publication.
      8. Log out.
      9. Log in with "parent.org.user"
      10. Go to My Account > My Workflow Tasks.
      11. Click in "Assigned to my roles."

      Expected results

      • In the last step, the "test post" would appear as a pending task.
      • Notification sent to parent.org.user

      Actual results

      • In the last step, no workflow task to the role is found.
      • Notification is sent to child.org.user.




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