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Web Content portlet's Browser Server functionality to link Documents and Media assets does not contain titles for non-image assets in Icon view



      LPS-70143 introduced new functionality to Alloy Editor where we can highlight text, click on the hyperlink icon, then click on the folder icon to pull up existing Documents and Media assets, or to add Documents and Media assets.

      The problem is that the Icon view for the Documents and Media selector seems like it was designed with only images in mind. For some reason, file name titles are missing, meaning that the generic "file" icon is present many assets that do not have a preview image. The workaround of course is to go into List or Descriptive view, but I feel that Icon view should have a title field so that a user can visually confirm the exact file that they are trying to choose.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set up clean Liferay DXP + DE-13 environment
      2. Sign in as [email protected]
      3. Go into Liferay DXP (Site) > Content > Documents and Media
      4. Add multiple TXT files, and a few image files
      5. Go into Liferay DXP (Site) > Content > Web Content > Add Basic Web Content
      6. In the new Web Content, add some text
      7. Highlight that text, and click the Hyperlink icon in the toolbar
      8. Click the folder icon to "Browse Server"

      Actual Result
      Assert that the Icon view does not have any titles, making non-previewable document types such as text files, scripts, or PDF files display with the generic file icon placeholder.

      Expected Result
      Each file icon will have the respective filename underneath it for easy identification as in List or Descriptive view.


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