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It should be possible to select the organization or site from which reviewers will be picked up by a workflow definition



      Today, it is possible to create a workflow definition that assigns a task to an organization or site role, but it is not possible to choose the organization/site from which the reviewers will be picked, or to restrict the task to reviewers of only one organization.

      Use case

      Here is a use case related to that. A company (let's call it Company A) has a site. The content of this site is created by outsourced employees, each one a user pertaining to a specific organization (let us call it "Writers"). Company A's employees are part of other organization (let us call it "Employees"), and the managers have the "Manager" organization role. Both organizations are members of the site.

      The workflow definition creator wants that all content created by members of the "Writers" organization is reviewed by the "Managers" of the "Employees" organization. Currently, it is not possible to make such a restriction: if she assigns the review task to the "Manager" organizational role, both managers of "Writers" and "Employees" would be able to review it. We want only managers from "Employees" to do it.

      Definition of Done

      To have this story completed, we need to

      • have the Workflow Definition schema expanded so role definitions can specify in which site or organization they will be applied;
      • be able to define such a value in Kaleo Designer; and
      • given a workflow definition with this new argument, the assignment would happen only to members of the organization shown in the argument.

      Each of these conditionals is quite complex so we are creating subtasks to each one.




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