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Requested css files don't set content type which is defaulted to "text/plain" instead of "text/css"



      Reproduction Steps

      1. Change the root portal context to e.g. liferay-portal.

      • rename webapps/ROOT to webapps/liferay-portal
      • rename conf/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml to liferay-portal.xml
        2. Start up the portal and sign in with Test at http://localhost:8080/liferay-portal/
        3. If you check the "Welcome page" you will see a broken content.

      Please open the browser's development tool to check all the css requests. You will find some of them with an incorrect MIME type.
      This issue is not reproducible on latest Chrome because Chrome uses css files with "text/plain".

      Current behavior:
      A few css resources will be ldownloaded with plain/text instead of css content type. Some browsers don't use these resources and the page's design will be broken.

      Intentional behavior:
      Every css resources will be downloaded with the correct css MIME type and the page will be rendered with the requested css values.

      Reprocuded on Master: e567dd03399c2c6c1b042345d122589367ea16c2


      This issue was tested with the default portal properties. If you modify/turn of the "theme.css.fast.load" property your test result can be different. This means if this property is false the combo servlet won't be used and all of the css resources will be downloaded in a separated request.


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