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Cannot import DDL Display portlet with templates across sites from a different environment


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      If a Dynamic Data List Display portlet uses a DDMStructure with dependencies (DDMTemplates) across different sites, then it may not be imported into an environment that does not have them.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. On the Global site, navigate to Content -> Dynamic Data Lists
      2. Add a new Data Definition, then a Form or Display Template based on the new structure
      3. Add a new Dynamic Data List based on the new structure
      4. Add a new site (e.g., "newsite")
      5. From this site, navigate to Content -> Dynamic Data Lists -> Manage Data Definitions
      6. Select the structure created from the Global site, and add a new Form or Display Template for it
      7. Add another Dynamic Data List based on the Global site's structure
      8. Add a child site to the current site (e.g., "childsite")
      9. Repeat the same steps as for the previous site (from DDL admin, Manage Data Definitions and create a new Template and list based on Global structure)
      10. Add a new page to the child site, and add a Dynamic Data Lists Display portlet to the page
      11. Select the list based on the Global structure in the Dynamic Data List Display's configuration
      12. Export the Dynamic Data List Display portlet's configuration
      13. Export LAR's of the DDL content for all three sites with templates (Global, "newsite," and "childsite")
      14. On a separate Liferay instance, create a new site and add a Dynamic Data Lists Display portlet to a page
      15. (optional) Attempt to import the portlet configuration from the LAR exported earlier (the import will fail due to missing references)
      16. Attempt to import the other LAR's into the Global site or current site to get the required dependencies
        Expected result: the LAR's with the dependencies can be imported, and the portlet configuration can be imported afterward
        Actual result: there is no apparent way to import the portlet configuration, as attempting to import the dependencies will fail

      Reproduced on master: 73e288c4d1e5d0d531a41ad8675fb9c019cbe247


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