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Improve App Manager to make it a more complete replacement to the GoGo Shell


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      Many production environments prevent the use of telnet and even any kind of shell access to production nodes. We need a permissioned UI alternative to gogo shell that lets a user see if any services have missing dependencies, just like gogo commands lb, diag, dm wtf, etc.

      Update: one important use case we (GS) would like to have is the ability to verify that all OSGi modules Active (if they're supposed to be). The ask has a number of parts:

      1. Provide a page displaying to admin users (gated) showing the health/status of all modules.
      2. Provide logging (WARN level) on any modules that aren't healthy (not Active). David Truong believes that this might be available OOTB already, but we didn't see logging on this currently.
      3. Provide a way to add a listener to monitor all module state changes. This way, we can create a module to push this information to an APM.
      4. A RESTful API would be nice for health check ...




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