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Usability: it is almost impossible for new user find how to create new page



      In new version of Liferay it is mostly impossible to find for new user - how to create page. user can create page only if he know (for example) from documentation - how to do it. Actually - there are no visible ways to do it.

      In 6.2 - then user open portal with admin rights and want to add new page - user see "plus" icon - click on it - and there user see option to create new page. It is important - user always SEE next steps on the page. And user can do it in 2-3 clicks.

      In 7.0 to create new page user should:
      1. User will see "Add" menu - but there are no options to add new page
      2. Use should know what he should open Product menu
      3. User should know what he should click on site name (and you should know what "Liferay" - is a name of your current site)
      4. User should know what he should expand "Navigation"
      5. User should know what he is working with "Public" or "Private" pages (another complex concept for newcomers)
      6. User should know what he/she should click "3 dots" button near the "Public pages"
      7. And only after it user SEE option to "Add Public Page"

      5 steps (click) user SHOULD KNOW before he will SEE option "Add" - as result - 5 clicks to go to menu to add new page. I think it is almost impossible quest for new user.

      In case you creating site with hundreds pages (and Liferay is not designed to be used for simple 5-page sites) productivity is degradated dramatically comparing to 6.2


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