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[Information Architecture] CE - Assign workflow to assets.



      User Story:

      As a portal admin, I want to assign workflow to assets, so I can set the default workflow behavior for my portal’s resources.


      • Allow users to specify the workflow behavior for portal resources;
      • Provide a clear terminology for users to work within the Workflow component;


      1. Change the portlet label from "Workflow Configuration" to "Schemes" and consider it as a tab under the "Workflow" section on Control Panel;
      2. Allow the user to assign workflows to assets by editing the table info;
      3. Only allow published workflows to be assigned;
        • Not Published workflows shouldn't appear as an option to the user;
      4. A workflow can be assigned to different asset types, but a specific asset can only be assigned to one workflow per time;
      5. When unassigning a workflow from an asset type, the processes that are currently going on should finish their path;
      6. A tooltip should appear for each asset type when the user hovers the table titles (see content bellow);

      Tooltip Copy:

      • Blogs Entry:
        • Workflow triggered on blog post submission.
      • Calendar Event:
        • Workflow triggered on event submission.
      • Comment:
        • Workflow triggered on comment submission.
      • Knowledge Base Article:
        • Workflow triggered on article submission.
      • Message Boards Entry:
        • Workflow triggered on message submission.
      • Page Versioning:
        • Workflow triggered on page modification in the staging environment.
      • User Account:
        • Workflow triggered on guest user account submission.
      • Wiki Page:
        • Workflow triggered on wiki page submission.
      • Web Content:
        • Workflow triggered on web content submission.

      Design Prototypes:


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