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In Asset Publisher, edit is still available for Site Admins even when toggle controls are disabled



      When in mobile view, when the Toggle Controls button is clicked, the Edit options inside of the Asset Publisher are not Toggled.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to [Left sidebar menu] --> Content --> Web content and add three web content articles
      2. Add an Asset Publisher portlet to the main Liferay page
      3. Verify that there is an edit icon (looks like a pencil) next to each web article, and that it is selectable
      4. Turn off "Toggle Controls" icon at the top of the screen (I was only able to make this appear by reducing the size of my browser so that it simulated a mobile environment)

      Results of Testing

      Expected Results: Asset Publisher items are not editable and edit icon should not be present
      Actual Results: Edit icon is present and web article is editable even when "Toggle Controls" is disabled.

      NOTE: Solutions for this cannot be tested by just deploying the affected module in Master. A custom theme built on frontend-theme-styled must be used or Liferay must be redeployed with ant all.




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