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Asset Publisher View in Context back button not functioning as expected



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. User is in liferay site as admin
      2. Add a page called "Asset Publisher Test Page"
      3. On Asset Publisher Test Page add an Asset Publisher portlet
      4. Go to Display Settings tab and select View in Context under Asset Link Behavior
      5. Click Save and close Configuration window
      6. Add a page called "Message Board Test Page"
      7. On Message Board Test Page" add a Message Boards portlet
      8. Click "Post New Thread" in the Message Boards portlet
        subject: Root Thread
        body: This is a root thread message
      9. Click Publish
      10. Click Asset Publisher Test Page
      11. Assert that Root Thread displays
      12. Assert that "This is a root thread mesage" dispalys
      13. Click Root Thread in Asset Publisher portlet
      14. Assert user it redirected to the Message Board Test Page
      15. Assert Root Thread displays in Message Boards portlet
      16. Assert "This is a root thread mesage" displays
      17. Click '<' to Back

      Expected Result:
      User should be redirected to Asset Publisher Test Page.

      Actual Result:
      User remains on Message Board Test Page as depicted in accompanying image.




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