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Edited DDM Structure is not reflected on Live site if published to Live via Admin



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add a new Site called "DDL Staging Site"
      2. Add a DDL page to the Site
      3. Activate Local Live staging
      4. Select all content to be staged
      5. Save
      6. On Staging Site , go to Admin > Dynamic Data Lists
      7. Add a new Data Definition called "Text Data Definition" with a Text field 
      8. Add a new DDL List using created Text data definition
      9. Add a DDL Record
      10. Navigate back to Admin DDL portlet
      11. Click on settings kebab > Staging
      12. Publish to live
      13. On Live Site , navigate to Admin > DDL
      14. Click into DDL 
      15. Assert submitted record is there
      16. Go back to Staging Site
      17. Navigate to Admin > DDL > Data Definition
      18. Edit "Text Data Definition"
      19. Edit title to "Text Edited Title"
      20. Edit Text field label to "Text New Label"
      21. Save
      22. Navigate to Admin DDL > Add a new DDL Record
      23. Assert new data definition title and field label are updated 
      24. Navigate to Admin DDL > Setting kebab > Staging
      25. Publish to Live
      26. Go to Live Site
      27. Navigate to Admin > DDL > Add a new Record
      28. View the data definition title and field label 

      Expected Result

      The edited title and field label are shown.

      Actual Result

      The unmodified title and label are shown. If you go the DDL Page that was created in step 2 and Publish to Live there, the modified data definition title and field label are shown in Admin > DDL .

      Reproduced on

      Tomcat 8.0 + MySQL 5.6 + Portal EE 7.0.x GIT ID 5fbdafe41b1eca5cac76ff72c79c29a56dd400a2

      Tomcat 8.0 + MySQL 5.6 + Portal master GIT ID 91e7e621d6e4cf71ad80d1626a0bd372f2bf7ba7


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