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Deleting all repeatable text fields causes exceptions



      Steps followed to reproduce:
      1. Login as administrator and create a Structure with a repeatable Text field, for example "phone number" and select Repeatable as Yes. Create a template using this structure.
      2. Create a new web content article using this new Structure.

      • Add the multiple phone fields by clicking the + button.
      • Observe that the 1st original phone field only has + option while added phone fields have - and + options.
      • Leave the 1st phone field without value.
      • Fill in other fields.
      • Click Publish.

      3. On newly published web content article, click three dots > Edit to edit and view the article.
      Observe that all the phone fields now have - and + options.
      4. Try to delete all the Phone fields and Save.
      Able to successfully delete all repeatable Phone fields and Save.
      5. Observe web content article is saved in the CMS.
      6. Again, Edit the web content article in CMS and observe the 1st phone number is present again.
      7. Go to a page and display the web content article on page using an Asset Publisher.
      Result: Asset Publisher displays an error for web content article after deleting all repeatable Phone fields.

      Results of Testing:
      Expected Results:
      1. While edit the contact it should not have the '-'for 1st phone/email field.
      2. When we have repeatable structure fields, we should not be able to delete all the fields at least there should be one field. Since initially only  option we can see only after adding multiple fields  is showing up.
      Actual Result: 
      1. While edit the contact and observe it is having '-'to delete the 1st phone/email field also.
      2. We are able to delete all the fields while we create the web content.
      Deleting all fields causes null or missing FreeMarker template errors.




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