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Copy of a web content doesn't have an expiration date in Asset Publisher.



      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Add an Asset Publisher to the page, in Configuration --> Display Settings --> Metadata, move to the 'Current' tab the 'Expiration Date' function and save.
      2. Go to Site Administration --> Content --> Web content, here create a new article, fill out the title and in Scheduled uncheck the expiration date and set a date when the article should expire and publish the web content.
      3. With the 'Copy' function create a new duplicate of the web content created in step 3 and navigate to the site/page where you have the Asset Publisher.

      Result: In the Asset Publisher you will see two web contents, only one will have an expiration date, this being the original web content. The copy will expire as well (you can edit it and see the settings), but this info could be unknown for the user and basically, this is the problem. By republishing the copy this will also have an expiration date displayed.

      Expected result: The user should see for the copy an expiration date as well, this function is working for the Publish date. In think, this should be true for the expiration date as well.



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