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Unable to save new journal template in web content display configuration panel




      When attempting to change the template of web content through the configuration menu in the web content display portlet, attempting to change the journal template does not change and the window does not close.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to Control Panel --> Sites --> Sites and select the Global Site
        2. Go to Content --> Web Content and select the options menu in the top right corner. Click on Structures
        3. Go to the options for the Basic Web Content structure and select Manage Templates
        4. Add a new template
        5. Go to Content --> Web Content and add a new Basic Web Content making sure to select the Basic Web Content template under "Structure and Template"
        6. Go to the main Liferay DXP site and add a Web Content Display portlet to the main page
        7. Connect the Web Content Display to the content created in step 5
        8. In the Web Content Display portlet, select the options menu and click on Configuration
        9. Change the template to the new template created in step 4

      Expected Results: Selecting the template will show the new template name in the configuration and then when saved, will save it with the new template

      Actual Results: The template selection window does not close, no template is selected, and no template is saved.




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                7.0.0 DXP FP40
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