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Imported Staged Blog posts that have been previously deleted do not appear in Live


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      When Blogs content Staging is active, imported blog posts that had been previously deleted do not appear in live upon publishing. After importing the post,The 'Changes Since Last Publication' descriptor that appears in the Publish to Live menu (usually) shows a 'Documents and Media (1 Deletions)' instead of the expected 'Blogs(1)', suggesting that imports are not setting their staging deltas properly.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Add a blogs portlet to your page
      2. Add a post to blogs
      3. In Control panel>Publishing>Staging, enable Local Staging and enable Blogs Content Staging
      4. verify that your blog post appears in both staging and live
      5. From Blogs>Options >Export/Import, export and download
      6. Recycle and delete your post, clearing the recycle bin
      7. Publish to Live
      8. Verify that the post has been deleted from both Staging and Live
      9. Import the .lar you exported earlier
      10. Publish to Live


      Expected Outcome:

      Imported blog post is published properly, with the correct delta label, and appears on Live.

      Actual Outcome:

      Imported blog post appears only on Staging, and has a incorrect delta label.

      note:This might not be related to deletions at all, actually, as imports will still fail to publish on pristine websites.

      The blog post appears to import, as it appears in Staging. Editing the post from staging will cause it to appear in Live properly upon publishing.

      The mislabeled publish delta is usually 'Documents and Media', but I've also seen 'Web Content' once. I have not been able to replicate this.


      Reproduced on: Tomcat 8.0.32 + MySQL 5.7.17. Portal master GIT ID: 89e51986b026d8302a8aeae54e9ff09178c25a2f.





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